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Orchard Bank - Pre-Approved......Sorta

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I got this nifty little card from Orchard Bank in the mail saying I was "pre-approved".

I went to the website filled out the info and everything. It didn't say I was denied but it said I would hear from them in 10-14 days.

Then my wife applied. Through the process it said she would most likely approved

for the unsecured "silver" card but a $49 fee needed to be paid in advanced and

would be refunded if not approved. So we paid it electronically. Then it too said she would hear from them in 10-14 days.

Is this normal? Could we still get the cards?


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Okay. I called customer service, and a bell went off while I was on hold.

I already have the Household Bank card and they are like one in the same.

Sure enough, they said because I have one, I can't have the other.

Now I have a question. Here's a list of creditors I filed on in my BK:


-Capiltol One

-Sears (which I think is Citi Bank)


-Retailers National Bank (Target, Mervyns, etc)

-Mobil Oil


-Shell Oil(which is also Citi Bank)

-AT&T Universal Platinum card

-Washing Mutual Overdraft protection

1st quesiton: Do any of these have a "second chance" program?

2nd question: Who's left to try and get new credit from ? :)

I had an MBNA account that I paid in full. I haven't had anything from GECC.

Never a Bank of America or Wells Fargo anything other than a checking account.

Any help is appreciated.

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