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Bill from CA on judgement - is this interest amount correct?

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Compounding interest on a liability is actually called capitalization, and on loans it's illegal under most circumstances AFAIK. I don't know about judgments.

However, in order to get to $226 from $151 over that period, even with capitalization the rate would have to be about 24%. At a more likely 6% average rate, the bill should come to about $167. Without capitalization it would be about $1 less.

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Compound interest IS my strong suit, and I say no friggin way is the interest rate less than 35%.

Do they say which Treasury bond? It matters, because the 6 MO treasury is different than the 20 year.

Just think about it, even at 20%, in the first year that is only 30 bucks.

For the second year, about 36 bucks. You'd only be at $210 there.

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