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Young father looking to get back on track.


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Good morning, everyone. First off, I wanted to stop and say thank you to all of you for having such a great and extremely informative forum! I've been lurking for about 2 months to try and absorb as much as I can before I began my venture, but I feel that I'm still too uninformed to do this alone. That would be why I'm posting this now. I aplogize in advance for the length, but I want to be completely clear so that I can provide you with all the information that you might need so that I might get the best information and direction.

Back in 2002, I was called to active duty with my Air National Guard unit. Being the young (19) and dumb young man that I was, I went off the deep end with the money that I was making and I bought a mobile home, a '99 F150 and a '98 Grand Prix while also digging a hole with 3 credit cards. At this point, I fast forward to about 15 months later. My commander comes down and tells us that we have 9 days to find jobs before we are released from orders. I go job hunting and I can't find anything that pays what the AF did, so I fall behind and had to rely on my CCs to make ends meet. Needless to say, as soon as I found a decent job, I'm already so far behind that I can't see clearly. I had to voluntarily reposess both vehicles and I was already falling behind by 30 days on the three CCs. The CCs had relatively low limits on them, however, I still racked up about $3,200 in debt on them combined.

I have now decided to get my life back on track at the age of 21 so that I may start a future for my gorgeous little girl that I would be proud of, relieves this stress, and that would provide her with everything I possibly can. This is where I'm asking for all of your help. I pulled my three different credit reports from MYFICO.COM with TU score of 511, EQ of 502, and an EX score of 506. This is where I feel that things are going to start getting a little tricky for me. I've noticed so far that I've got multiple names and varying addresses, wrong birthdates,a CA listed, one CC that was lost is reported negatively, the three CCs and two reposessions written as chargeoffs, four or five inquiries, and one CR even has my house listed 2 times! :x

What should be my first concerns? I have an idea, but you all are so good at this that I'd like to get opinions from the experienced folks before I possibly start out in the wrong direction. I've come up with a collection agency for a $94 dentist office visit that I honestly don't remember. I've got the DV letter already printed off and ready to be certified mailed to the CA which is Optima Recovery Systems here in Knoxville, TN. What is the proper way to dispute this with the CRA? Where do I go now? If anyone wants to look at anything or needs more information, please don't hesitate to ask.

I'm not going to post anymore information right now as I'm hitting the bed and I've confused myself for the past 6 hours that I've been sitting here. lol.

Thanks a bunch in advance,

Daddy :oops:

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1. Go to www.cheapskatemonthly.com and familiarize yourself with the Mary Hunt books. They are excellent tools to help you as you move forward.

2. Others will have their own opinion, but I think you start by cleaning up the address and employment info section of your credit report. maybe you had all those addresses, but dispute with the CRAs and see if you can get it whittled down to one or two ( maybe your present addy, longest base addy, old home addy).

3. Once you have done that, you can probably contest some of the CC or the repos as " not mine" based on addresses, and they may fall off.

4. If you get a little extra money, open a 529 College savings Plan for your daughter. Or a Coverdell IRA. Your state sponsors a 529 Plan. The money grows tax deferred and coems out tax free if you use it for college related expenses. The Coverdell is available for elementary or high school tuition, such as parochial schools. Your creditors likely will not be able to get to it. So, you will leave her a loving legacy for a time when she will need it. TIAA-CREF has inexpensive plans to check into.

Good luck to you

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1. I know that on my Experian, it has my house listed on its CR as in good standing, but it's listed twice as well as being opened in 2001. I didn't open this 1 account until 2002 as well as the date being before I was even 18! Do I need to dispute both of them since it shows that I'm doubly indebted, just leave them because they are in good standing, or just contest the single one from before my 18th Bday?

2. I'm looking at the addresses on Experian and I've got 8 different address with only 2 being correct. Why would my parents' address be on this report since I had nothing in my name until I moved out? Why would a former employer address be listed as a single family dwelling?

3. Names. I only have 1 name, but on this CR, it comes up as me having aliases. How do I go about this information? It says that I have to mail or call them. Shouldn't I send something by mail to document it all? Also, I am not married, nor have I ever been and it shows my spouses name. How could that be?

4. I've sent Experian a dispute for the CA so now I'm supposed to send the DV letter to the CA as well, right?

5. Now that I have addresses from these OCs, I know that I can't DV them, but do I wait until the dispute from EX comes back or can I send them a mail contact only C&D notice to the addresses listed? This does work for OCs correct? Is this C&D letter a decent one to use? http://www.pennlawyer.com/ceasecom.pdf I really hate that they're calling my job all day long and they call about 12 times a day. It's embarassing! :oops:

6. Do these addresses sound correct for mailing any C&D notices? HSBC/BSBUY PO BOX 15519, Wilmington DE 19850

Providian Financial 4900 Johnson Dr. Pleasanton, CA 94588

First North American National Bank 225 Chastain Meadows CT Kennesaw GA 30144

7. As far as disputing OCs go, should I wait the 30 days for the dispute to come back or should I go ahead and attempt to make contact via certified mail as to the status on these accounts and what's owed and pay to remove settlement on the TLs?

Sorry about the long post, but I think that I confused myself when I printed the report and it was 12 pages long.

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well, you have discovered you are one of the 1 in 4 people who have an error on their report! Where they get this info I have no idea.

You want all wrong personal info off of there, name variations, addresses, spouse.. you can call or write a letter, sometimes its quicker and easier to call..

As for the calls at work, if they are coming from the OCs tell them that if they continue to call you will get fired and then you will declare bk so they will get NOTHING. It is harrassment, and it comes under harrassment laws when its an OC, unless you live in certain states..

sorry i was gonna write more, but i realised i gotta go somewhere..

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Complain to the CRAs in writing. Be specific, such as:

I DISPUTE the following personal information:

1. I have never lived at A, B or C. The report is inaccurate

2. I have never been known as X, Y or Z. The report is inaccurate

3. I have never been married. I have no spouse named D. The report is inaccurate.

The only addresses I have had in the last ___ years are : 1,2 and 3

The only names I have been known as is ----------

The continued presence of this inaccurate and untrue information prejudices my credit rating and has caused other inacurate data to enter my file.

If the duplicate entries are positive info, I might let them sit til you get this stuff straightened out.

I have a form I use. It is loosely like this:

My name

My address

my phone

DATE: ___/ ____ / ______

CERTIFIED MAIL USPS __________________________________






Social Security Number:

Phone Number:_


Item disputed Acct # Reason for Dispute Requested Action




Please investigate, correct as requested, and report to me in writing within 30 days. This is my personal, good faith request for relief under the state and federal FCRA.

Very truly yours,

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After a few months of not being able to do anything, I've finally gotten back on the ball. Unfortunately, I'm about to go overseas for 6+ months and I won't be able to get this situation taken care of too well. What kind of options do you all have that I might be able to use while overseas? I MIGHT be able to access this website while I'm gone, however a few jobs that I'm applying for will require me to have a pretty good credit history for when I get back. Any words of wisdom that are offered will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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