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Can the bad TL come back after removal


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Guest jeeptravel

PEACOCK: If you dispute, for example, a credit line on TU and the Creditor produces no validation to TU, then they have more or less given up on the account. Sometmes it does happen. If they verify it, it aint gonna go away! You have to then contact the Creditor and play games there. If it's a legit credit account, you're gonna have a hard time getting them to remove it.

The chances it will show up later after TU removes it are miniscule. BUT if they do report it again, then TU is the one with the burden to let you know.

Thanks a lot to the admin for that, wasn't aware of that, but it makes perfect sense.

If you found it back on there, your "recourse" (bear in mind this RARELY ever happens but it is the law) is to SUE THEM in accordance with the FCRA. This applies to the other 2 as well EX, EQ

Happy disputes!!!


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