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Experian - What Now?

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I have just a few bad items left on my EX report.

They are:

1.Cap 1.- 30 day late in 8/04- not true

2.CA for medical bill - CA can not validate

3.CA for medical bill - CA did validate

4.Mortgage loan - showing 30 days late 2/04-7/04 could be true depending on how one looks at it, but also has inaccurate info in TL

5.student loan - 3 60 day lates on 2/2001, 1/2001, and 7/1999

6.student loan - 1 60 day latein 2/2001

I disputed all of this in september 2004 and it was all verified by october. So, I waited until this month to dispute again. This time I only disputed items 1-4 plus 7 inquiries. I decided the student loan payments were so long ago that they probably didn't hurt that much, and I didn't want to loose those tradelines altogether. Anyway , I sent my letter with documentation to prove the erroneous information. I've gotten several letters all dated the same day from EX saying 1. they can't use my information 2. canned response about inquiries remaining 2 years 3. they refuse to investigate TL because they have previously been verified.

I sent proof of errors thinking that this would make them more liable for reporting erroneous information, and because the FCRA says this:

Consideration of consumer information. In conducting any reinvestigation under paragraph (1) with respect to disputed information in the file of any consumer, the consumer reporting agency shall review and consider all relevant information submitted by the consumer in the period described in paragraph (1)(A) with respect to such disputed information.

So the question is : Is the refusal to investigate each item a violation and what should I do next - file a complaint w/FTC or go strait to the court house?

Thanks for the help!!

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