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eq report looks wrong please advise


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i have my credit report from eq throu the mail system heres the problem.

Bank Of America

date opened 3/2001

high credit $3,437

high credit $3,500

activity discription closed

items as of date reported 1/2005

balance amount $6,701

amount past due $6,587

date of last payment 8/2004

scheduled payment amount $108.00

date of last activity 9/2001

current status charge off;

type of account revolving

type of loan credit card

whose account individual account

this looks wrong to me, keep in mind i have a judgement against me since 7/2003 on this account and have been paying a lawer.

Is there any violations here that might get me out of the judgement???

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I'm not really sure exactly what you're referring to as far as the tradeline listing, but I highly doubt an innacurate tl listing would sway a judge to vacate a judgment. In most states you only have a year to file motion anyway and you stated it was filed in july 2003. Your state may be different though.

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