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It has only been in the last six months that I have come to realize that I myself was in a cycle. I fixed my credit 3 years ago only to find myself in the early stages of getting in trouble again. 3 months ago, I decided to get out. I got a second job, and started paying the cards down. I began saving. Putting as much as I could afford away. Nothing spent that wasn't needed. In a short time, I had saved 1 month's pay. Once I had a buffer in the savings account, I have started sending every extra dime to the credit cards. They will all be paid off (if all goes well) by the end of the year. I currently owe $9800 to CC's. After they are paid, I will save 3 month's pay for emergencies and I will close all but 1 cc and never buy anything with a CC again.

If I can't save for it, I don't want it.

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LOL, no I actually read David Bach's Automatic Millionaire and then I read Start Late, Finish Rich. I know this sounds corny, but those 2 books changed my opinion on credit and they changed my life.


Diving can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. It costs about $250 in the basic equipment to get started (mask, fins, weight belt, snorkle) and $200 or so for the beginner's class. After that, you can spend what you want.

I am one of those who are really into it. Since I am a Paramedic/Firefighter and a rescue diver, I can deduct many classes and equipment expenses. Still, I have about $4000 worth of SCUBA stuff.

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Oh how I can relate. About 1995 I cleaned my credit up (it wasn't that bad) and stayed on top of it. (bought all 3 reports 3 times a year, limited inquiries, etc....)

Fast forward to 2 years ago and my wife of 18 yrs asked for a divorce. I didn't see it coming (blinders on). :shock:

To make a loooong story short, I ran into some finacial problems, buried my head into the sand and totally ingored the problem.

Finally realized that I needed to do something. I decided that it would be more to my benifit to let my accounts get really behind in order to have room for negotiations with the OC's and CA's.

I made the decision to take the temporary hit on my CR scores and have room to work rather than it to have the late payments show up for 7+ years with nothing I could do about it.

Today I have a few baddies left and shortly will be back to where I was before with high 700's.

This website along with all of the wonderful people (even Chasey :wink: ) are a answer to many peoples prayers. The information provided and the support given are the best.

Good luck on your and everyone elses journey to better credit.


P.S. one of my desires is to learn to dive. I have made arrangements with a local dive shop to take leasons this spring. They have thier own dive hole?? in order to take the open dive test. Right now the water temp is a little cool... <||8)

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