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Me Again Guys! UK Bankruptcy.......


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Im sizing up all my options right now, so i can take the best route.

Im 21 years old, £14000 in debt, thats about $28,000 US dollars.

VERY poor credit rating, cant get credit for anything, i have NO ASSETS at all.

All my the debt is credit cards, car loans, catalogues, phone bills etc. You name it, im in debt with it!

Im thinking of bankruptcy, as in the UK (not sure about USA law on this) your only a bankrupt for 12 months, but its on your file for 6 years i beleive, BUT theres still mortgages i can get for discharged banktupts!!!

Credit repair would also take me about 12 months, but with bankruptcy i can be compleye debt free at 22 years old.

Your thoughts please?


Matt :wink:

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