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help! signed a certified letter!


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Hello all, Okay here we go I was sued by citi they got 1 judgement. so far garnished 2 accounts that i have with a $2 balance

they sued for a second account got a default judgement because i was not able to make it but the judge vacated the judgement because of improper service. well i received in the mail a garnishment summons for the first judgement and a second summons for the vacated judgement

(same account but on summons they crossed out the old case number and put a new one) both cases are scheduled on the same day at the same time. but here is the kicker and i need someone to give me advice

i received a certified letter notification i went to look at it and it was from secretary of the commonwealth for my state and i thought it was about taxes so i stupidly signed it and found out it notice of service of process and it was from the lawyer from citi stating that they were unable to locate me why a service of process? what is it really and what should i do next i thought they knew where i lived i went to court for the first judgement PLEASE ADVISE

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