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how does this letter sound for a lawer


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February 18, 2005


xxxx Law Firm



Dear Sir:

I am prepared to accept your offer for a lump sum payment of $1,750.00 in settlement of my judgment from Bank of America. However, before I accept this offer, I need to be clear on a few things.

Payment of this lump sum must dismiss the judgment from my record. Payment of this lump sum must end all dealings between Crews Law Firm, Fred Hanna Law firm, Bank of America and myself. Payment of this lump sum must delete all negative remarks from Bank of America to the three major credit agencies and replaced with paid as agreed.

If there is a problem with any of these conditions, please contact me as soon as possible as I would like to take care of this matter.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Jr.

xxxxxxx Fax

xxxxxxx Cell

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Then you will quote them in your response. An example would be:

This letter is in regards to your letter of ??/??/???? pertaining to your offer of settlement of the above referenced account. It is to be known that I have accepted this offer as written, and, in good faith, will comply to all agreed upon requirements of this settlement.

Then repeat exactly word for word of the offer, IF, in fact, you do agree to all parts of it.

Your intent is that you want to protect yourself in all ways. If they say they are deleting, then you repeat this in your letter, and include the name of the person who said this, over and above the letter. Believe it or not, but, too many times the CA does not hold up to their part, then try and get around it by saying that the person who said this was not authorized to do so. Therefore, you want an authorized signature placed on your letter and a copy returned to you before any payment is made. Yes, you must sign and return theirs in the same envelope, but, do not fret, as you will not send payment until receipt of their signature. If they want their money, they will comply. If they hesitate, just let them know you only want it for your protection, which is a simple request.

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