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Still Waiting and Still Raising "H"


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As many of you know, I refinanced our home this past December. One of the potential lenders bailed at the last minute as we are under CC&R's. I had posed the question as to it's legality, and we finally determined it was more than likely illegal. At the time, they claimed they would send a Letter of Denial to us.


We have yet to receive their Letter of Denial. I contacted the Broker, who is quite upset, as he was under the impression they had done so as they promised him they would. After he contacted them, they sent him a letter saying that he, the Broker, withdrew the offer and dated it this month. It has been over two weeks and the Broker still is fighting these people in getting the correct letter sent to us.

Now my question is if I should go ahead and file with the proper California Authorities? Or, should I hold on for a while longer? I really want to go after them, but, want to assure it is done properly. Any advice from the pros will be welcome.

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