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Who Gets Paid First?


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I posted this question last week in the wrong section, so decided to create a whole new thread here.

My question is if a person and his company has many liens against them, can a person who has a Judgment file the papers and have the Sheriff go with him to the premises and collect his money, or property, or do they have to wait in line?

A little history. My Neice in Colorado, and her DH, have a Judgment against this developer who also has many liens on his property, business, and any other item he owns. Not too many like this guy in town. He is also trying to cause them further problem, as his family owns the water rights. He is filing claims, suits, and liens, whatever, on others who may be receiving water from his family. There is no proof if his claims are legit, harassing, or what they are, except for being a pain in everyones rear. That is why I ask the question above. Their intent is to close the matter entirely. Thus, if he is owed money, it will be deducted from what he owes them, and all is said and done. I can't seem to find the laws for the state that will help me, so thought I would ask of all of you.

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