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What do you think? Place your bets


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I am waiting for the deletion of a CO reported that has a CO date of EQ 01/05, EX08/04, TU 05/04. It will be deleted this week, per the OC. I am curious what this will bring my scores up by.

My current scores:

EQ589 EX619 TU(FAKO)625

On EQ there are 2 five year old paid collections.

Those are my only negatives. My util is 70%. Otherwise, my CR's look good with no lates.

No positive reasons given, negs are:

Serious delinquency or derogatory indicators/remarks, and public record or collection information is being reported on your credit file

This goes away when the CO is deleted

The proportion of balances to credit limits (high credit) on your revolving/charge accounts is too high

Working on this. Right now, it is 70%.

The length of time your accounts have been established is relatively short

Longest is 15 years, average 54 months, newest 19 months

You have amounts past due showing on your accounts

Gone with CO deletion

What do you think the increase will be? Will that put me in the 700 club?

Place your bets. List all three score projections, let's see who can guess closest

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