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I just received back a hard copy by mail from TransUnion after disputing EVERYTHING on there, and I was able to get one account removed. :clapper:

Three verified with "No Change" and two show "New Information Below".

However, I disputed a LOT more than that.

They make absolutely no mention of those.

What do I do next?

Also, Capital One Bank is saying I owe $1,200 on a card with a $200 limit, of that about $100 was "service charges". Is there a limit to how much they can add to your account?

Can they really try to collect over 10 TIMES the amount actually owed?

BTW, they just verified. :evil:

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I see.

I suppose you could call and simply ask whats the hold up; I would write a letter. There is a letter in "sample letters" that you can alter to fit your situation if you dont want to call. It may be better at this point to write snail mail, CRRR, and remind them of their obligations.

As for Crap1, they will nickel and dime you to death. :evil: I'm not sure if there is a limit, but even if there is, Crap1 probably wouldn't care. I'm sure thats late fees, service charges, financing charges, etc etc etc.

Good luck with them, they're my next big battle.


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"Crap1, they will nickel and dime you to death" you can say that again. The only dealing I ever had with them was back in 1998. I used their VISA card to charge on a trip the first week of May and received a bill the first week of June. Paid the entrie thing on-line that very day, watched the balance and all go to zero on-line.

A few days later I see the balance go to $75. Hum, $25 for late feem $25 for over limit and $25 admin fee??? Hey, I used bad words on the phone and it was zero'd. Closed that one very quick.

You might as well ignore them, they will not go away -- no matter what!

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