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Charged off, 3 yrs AFTER BK.


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Howdy all,

So Im monitering my reports about weekly while slowly repairing.

Have a Citibank Card that was IIB back in Nov '01. All reporting is/was correct except for Equifax which still has the account as OPEN account. Originally tried Not Mine 4/04.....was verified.

Have sent letter to Equifax stating IIB and Closed account 9/04.....never receive a response...but report says 'consumer disputes information'

So I check today, All of a sudden this account has been updated. EX says the account was CO in 8-2004 :shock: And TU has a continuous line of 120 days late updated all the way to this month. WTF. Also says 120 days past due in status line.

Has Citibank done some sort of recent reporting on this account becuse of my disputes or is this a CRA issue?? :?: What is happening here and how the heck do I attack this?? :?:


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