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step 2 looking for correct way to stike documents

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The CA attorney suing me attached a bill of sale signed by the O.C. It isn't notorized. A generic terms of service agreement with interest rates and assignment rights. A computer generated printout of alleged balance.

From what I have been reading, none of these are affidavits are they because they do not have a notarized statement?

I would like to strike the bill of sale on the grounds that it doesn't have any reference to my name or state original knowledge of the debt; the terms of service because there is no signed contract with it and it doesn't reference my name in any way; generic print-out because it doesn't state info given by someone with orginal knowledge of the alleged debt and entire maintenance of the debt.

Can I do this? If so, what is the correct wording for motion to strike each of these documents. So far, I haven't turned up anything when searching by florida rules of evidence and civil procedure.

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No, at the bottom of the Statement of Account is:

Dated this 06 th day of April, 2004

Delaware Corporation doing business at

P.O. Box 2036

Warren, MI 48090

Something interesting:

Date of Last Payment is listed as 07/30/2001

Yet the OC didn't charge off until 03//11/ 2002; about 7 1/2 months later. Account was opened in 96, doesn't this violate the charge-off rules?

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