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Help with Credit Protect


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My question concerns Credit Protections.

They are reporting on all three CR's on a bill that I paid to the OC.(after it was in collections)

2/04 I paid the OC. I pulled a report 3/04 and saw that it was listed by the OC on EQ and on EX and TU by the CA. I disputed on 3-4-04.

Came back verified by TU and said new info listed.

here is what I have...

Verified TU report:

Paid Collection

updated date: 2/04

Placed: 10/03

Closed: 1/04

Balance: 0

status as of 2/04: paid collection

3-12-04 new 3-1 report


open: 10/03

Balance Date: 1/04

Balance amount: 0

Status: closed


Open: 10/03

Balance date: 1/04

Balance: $157

date of status: 1/04

status: closed

October 28, 04 New 3-1 report


Open: 10/03

Date of Status: 1/04

Last Reported: 1/04

status: paid collection


account type: Open

date open: 10/03

Balance Date: 2/04

Balance: 0

status: collection

past due: 0

On 1-19-05 had report pulled by loan officer for a mortgage

some kind of 3-1 I have never seen.

Open: 10/03

Last reported: 2/04

account type: open

balance: 0

DOLA: 2/04

pay pattern start date: 2/04

So I pull it my self to check it out.

I only pulled EQ so far, but went ahead and disputed it on all three based on the loan officer's report.

EQ 2-19-05

Reported: 1/04

Assigned: 10/03

Date of first delinquency: 11/02

balance: 0

date of status: 1/04


EXP has already verified on them.

Is it me or does it look like they keep changing things?

why would they be listing it as open? to make it look worse, like it is open and late?? There is a lot of N/A's on them too.

any help would be so appreciated. sorry so long, just wanted to give as much info as I could. I am in Texas if that is needed.

Thank you

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I am in the same boat with them. But if they are reporting the account "open" that is a violation, so maybe you can get them on that.

Write the original creditor, and state that why are they continuing to report the account since the amount owed went to them. See what they say?

Anyone else has any ideas???

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send the CA a TX DV (dispute the accuracy of their records) under the TX code (in my sig) and inform them that you believe they are reporting inaccurate information to the CRAs AND tell them you want all entries deleted.

they have 30 days to prove themselves right (TL stays), wrong (TL must be deleted), or tell you they need more time.. if they need more time they must delete too, but may rereport once they send you proof that their records are correct.

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