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Huge Differences in Credit Scores

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my EQ score is about 70+ points lower too! the only thing that i see different on mine is that my medical collections are listed as open on EQ and it shows closed on EX and TU.

check your account status to see if there are any differences, or dates, or amounts maybe?

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I bet I have a good answer for this question.

First of all are you pulling a 3-in-1 from a certain site? say Truecredit?

if so, my guess is you are, what they are doing on their site is fraud! seriously...

Check it,

They over inflate their scores to give people an affinity for their affiliate or parent company and deliberately lower and skew scores for the other reporting companies causing and a psychological negative (if even on a subconscious level) reflection of their competitors.

In other words your true Equifax score may in fact be higher than the TransUnion affiliate or CreditExpert powered score you see representing your Equifax score

Just get a score from each company, then you can see what the real deal is.

Try Equifax's FICO its not a FAKO like the BS the affiliate sites are using.

I'm pretty sure what they're doing is illegal and we need to start networking information about this, if enough awareness is raised and develops someone will eventually call them, catch them and sue them on it for false representation of services. I wonder if one of the big 3 will eventually sue one of the others for this misrepresentation and falsification of products, services and information. Which seriously has a potentially harmful impact on consumer opinions and attitudes toward a respective company.

Notice Equifax doesn't sell scores for other companies :shock:

IMO they're the only ones who are playing the game smart, just look at their website, you can find the name of the company CEO, info on investor relations, and such. Then go look at the TransUnion website, it looks like something a small child designed.

-I don't have a positive affinity for TransUnion because of what they are doing, I don't care if they delete easily, they have a boat load of other problems that will likely put them out of business if they do not make a major shift in how they are running their company.

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I actually pulled individual reports directly from the three bureaus. I did discover that Bank One is reporting a closed account with $0 balance to one bureau and charge-off with $11000 past due to the other two bureaus. I have disputed this, but Bank One simply says that they are reporting correctly. I thought it had to be shown as "Dismissed through Ch 7" with a $0 balance, but I may be wrong.

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