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Is it time to redispute, or nail them to the wall?


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This week I am coming up on the 30 day mark for my pending disputes. I had not received anything from Transunion, so I thought I would give them a call.

One of my MAJOR items is a Chase Mortgage dispute. The Transunion rep told me that they had no record of the dispute (yet they disputed every other item in my letter). I pursued it further, and he had the trade line listed as Advanta Mortgage (Advanta sold to Chase).

In my initial letter, I explained that the negative item resulted from a transfer from Advanta to Chase. Their rep ONLY saw Chase, and their files showed Advanta (and no Chase), so they didn't initiate a dispute on my behalf. My letter clearly explained that one turned into the other. The rep didn't care, and said that I should've included the account number.

He then offered to open a new dispute for this item.

Should I open a new dispute, or stick to my guns? Was I obligated to include the account number for clarification?



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Did you use account numbers for all the other disputes? Because if you had one dispute that they did investigate that didn't include an account number then there excuse is void. You gave clear explination on what you wanted to dispute, its not your fault the rule for each rep to process a dispute case every four minutes, and not reading your dispute in full. I say stick to your guns. If they do not delete the trade line after the 30 day peirod send them an ITS letter referncing the following:

Defamation, willful injury FCRA Section 623

CUSHMAN, v. TRANS UNION CORPORATION US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Court Case 115 F.3d 220

June 9, 1997, Filed (D.C. No. 95-cv-01743).

Extent of damages incurred by the wronged party, as deemed by the courts

Failing to respond to a dispute within 30 days.

FCRA Section 611 Part (A)(1)

Let them know you mean bussiness. If they don't respond to your ITS letter or don't delete the TL that you disputed, in 15+5 days file in small claims court and have them served, it will cost around $85 total with filing and serving. This will give you an edge, let them offer you a settlement, make sure the settlement is a minimum of court cost and TL delete. Good luck :)

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I am no expert, but I doubt it will do any good to pursue it. It is frustrating that they were in the wrong and won't even aknowledge the fact. It would be nice if they would at least say they were sorry, but either way you probably won't gain anything from it. I mean, a CRA can't delete a trade line just because they made a mistake. In that case, the creditor would have an even bigger beef with them.

But, as I said before, I am no expert.

Good luck with fixing your credit. I am in the same boat and understand how difficult it can be.

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