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Hi everyone. Today's question will be a bit different. How things work in case of a person(Foreigner coming to USA on student visa for studies) who came to USA for study, during study applied for a credit card from discover based on his part-time job, and got a credit card.

Then this guy throughout paid regular payments on time and without any delays. Credit history was perfect. This person applied for U.S Permanent Residence through one lawyer. Lawyer offered him a job sponsor which will petition his residency application. But, later they found that lawyer is a crook, and Immigration officials caught him. This person now has no choice. He is asked by immigration personnel to leave USA in good status and willfully withdraw from permanent residency application. He does so acting upon their advice. Now this guy has to leave USA. He loses his job and all in vain has to leave USA poorly. This guy never returns to USA.

Question) What happens to his pending credit card payments? What does credit card companies do in such case? They keep sending letters to him but he's not there anymore. What happens now? He can't make payments anymore and is leading a hand-to-mouth life back home.

Thanks ... experts opinion required. Help !

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