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Exp's response...did I put cart before the horse?


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Turned down for loan in late Jan and pulled Experian report. I was brand new to all of this and contested some items using their simplified online process, i.e. "click here to dispute" and just got back the results:

One collection "remains" and one is "reviewed" the two CC late pays are "pending".

The collections are phone bills and the result of ID theft years ago and are total BS. I think now I should ask IC Systems to validate the debt, right? Or have I given Experian an out by disputing with them first? I have documentation to help me prove my case, i.e. police report for fraudulently obtaining an MBNA CC and phone bills to my tenants' address instead of mine. Do I supply these right off the bat or hold them back to play later?

Thanks for all the help here, I am now a man on a mission!

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