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2nd DV? First exper w/ CA


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I am trying to help a friend deal w/ CA - Asset Acceptance. I've been reading the boards all day and am so grateful for the info. I have no experience with CAs, so this is all new. My apologies for the long post.

1st letter from CA received on Jan 25. I found this site, scrambled through sample letters here and he sent a modified version of the DV letter CRRR on Feb 3. On Feb 16, rec'd Acct Summary from Asset, but no new info - except balance went up $130 from 1st letter. Original/prior creditor is listed as Credit America. No address provided, no info to explain what the debt is for. No DOLA or any dates at all. Based on what I've read here, this is not acceptable as validation.

My friend does not know what this debt is for, does not recognize OC. This isn't a small amount either - over $10,000. He pulled his 3 CRs via www.annualcreditreport.com yesterday, and there are no collections listed, so I guess Asset has not reported the debt yet.

He has a 2nd DV letter ready to send along with copies of 1st letter and CRRR. My question is...should he send it now? Should he wait and monitor his CRs to see if Asset reports to CRAs? Has Asset violated FDCPA by simply not providing requested DV?

Also, is there any way to find out what the heck this debt is on his own? We have no contact info for OC, so where to start?

Any help would be appreciated. Again, sorry for the length. It's tough to digest all this at once.

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