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Emailed the CEO! Got a response....THEN WHAM >>DELETED


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Wow, thank you all for your awesome help, I consider this one a great victory, although it is not my first deletion, this debt was 1 year below the SOL, and was an unpaid chargeoff, the past due balance on the account was $200+, the settled for $75 with deletion!!!

Others out there that may be in the same shoes, heres what I did, hope it helps, I searched google for the company, then sent this letter to all the chairman and higher ups, including the CEO.

Buyers United Dated: 2/18/2005

14870 Pony Express

Bluffdale, UT 84065

To whom it may concern:

I became aware of a debt owed to Buyers United after running my credit report. The debt shows an amount due of $408, with a beginning balance of $160. The account number relating to this debt is 216***.

In the recent months I have sent documentation requesting verification of debt that you say is owed to you by me on several occasions, and have received nothing. I am in business for myself and I can understand the collection of a debt that is owed, but in regards to the debt stated above, I do not find myself obligated to pay this debt, and have confidence it should be removed immediately from my credit profile, stopping further damage to my credit rating. If the debt had been validated with proof I myself would have accepted responsibility.

I have spoken with counsel in regards to an issue such as this, and the costs incurred for both me and your company can be avoided if this matter is resolved. Please respond to this letter, I have been trying for months now to resolve this debt, my intentions are not to harm the reputation on your company, just to have this debt fully investigated by your company, and after a thorough investigation you will see I am not responsible for this debt. I am aware of the laws that a company such as yours must have a 3rd party verification and a signed contract or an electronic signature, information that would in fact show this is not an account I opened. Again I would like to keep both our reputations in tact; I will wait 15 days from receipt of this letter before filing suit. According to The Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), section § 623. Responsibilities of furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies [15 U.S.C. § 1681s-2]

Buyers United has violated at least one provision, and for my assurance I have kept all correspondence in regards to this issue.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter, I sent this to your level because I know you have a respect for your business and your customers and feel you will help me with this matter.

Thank you again.

Here is the scoop :

This account happen to be opened by my old roomates, using my AOL account, starting the account online, from a company called lowermybills.com, they racked up a good amount of charges on the account (long distance), they did make one payment using my credit card of $103, but then after the next couple bills, defaulted, didnt pay, and hence it ended up on my report. So i explained to the Director of Collections that send me communication by email stating he was forwarded a letter by the CEO and would like to help deal with the matter personally, I was honest, not to sure what the account was, he described everything, I figured out what had happen, and we made a deal together, I havent paid yet, we just got off the phone and he is having the settlement letter written up including deletion, and he is going to fax it to me.

I am curious though if I should have tried the courts instead, I haven't pulled my FICO's since last month, but my privacysource report showed the debt as CO once in february of last year and another in December of last year, showing a possible re-aging, but I wasnt sure if I had a violation because the Legend key at the bottom said it could mean Collection or Charge-off

I may of also had them on the fact they didnt report to the bureaus as disputed, it was the OC, they even had on file all the times I disputed with them, which was like 4 times.

When I told him there was no way they could have gotten my social because not even my roomates would of had it, I then asked if they have a system that can match a social to an address and he said yes, he also told me they did not do business with lowermybills.com anymore because of similar verification issues, apparentley, the way you verify the switching of the long distance service with this company is to reply to an email that is sent, anyone could have done this, so I think in all reality, they really do not have absolute proof this debt was mine, except for the fact that one payment was made with my credit card.

I have to agian thank you guys for all your help, I would not have been able to do all of this without you, I am glad to be a part of this community!!



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