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Validating a debt.


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I wanna break down what i've done so far to help repair my credit.

back in november i sent my disputes to the credit agencies.

they replied before the 30 days saying they verified that the accounts I disputed were mines. so I wrote back asking them to verify that the accounts were mine.

They send me letters saying that they have veriried that the accounts were mine.

I write back asking them for their method of verification.

and since then i've gotten nowhere.

I've called Transunion and they told me that they use an automated machine to verify. And that if I wanted to dispute that I would have to dispute with the creditor and not them.

I did the online dispute with experian and they basically verified but they didnt tell me how they verified which is what i asked them to do.

Equifax still hastn responded to my verification letter.

Now when I sent the verification dispute letters,doesnt that give them 15 days to get back to you or is that another 30 days?

And also, should I dispute with the creditor or still go through the credit agencies? I know this takes times but at this point I feel like im lost and dont know where to go or what to do.

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CRA's do not respond to procedural requests. They've made it perfectly clear that the FCRA does not apply to them (ie: they are also not supposed to simply 'mimic' information, but actually conduct a thorough investigation, which they don't do), and as such "dare" you to sue them - which is really the only way to get a response.

Pretty sad, really.

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