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Duplicate CO listings on one report- Violations or not?


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Ok, I searched the forum and looked at several postings in regards to multiple CO TL on 1 CRA, I would like to see if we could get a concrete decision on our options.

A CA lists an account twice, all the exact same information or maybe even we can put a different date in there. Ovioulsly we can DV the CA and Dispute as duplicate or just dispute to delete with the CRA, but do we have a violation considering the fact it is listed twice it can lower the score even more than 1 CO would show. My thoughts would be a no-brainer because it is clearly damaging your credit character.

Now in my particalur situation, I was actually successful in getting the CO deleted in its entiredy (both the same CO), but I was just going through my reports and thought, others are probably dealing with this, so it is worth the conversation again.

And reminding the others that reply, I understand we can just dispute it and at least have merit to delete the duplicate file, but because our credit is damaged to a further extent than what one CO would show, decisions based on our credit profile would be compromised, and should be available for punitive damages....??

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