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I recommend doing the following with all communications to CAs:

Send two copies of the letter, one CMRRR and the other by USPS "certificate of mailing."

CoM costs .90. What it is is a USPS stamped receipt detailing the name and address you sent the letter to. The outside of the envelope has no indication on it that it has any special handling, but it is proof that you did mail the letter to that address.

As for the CMRRR, I put the green card on the front of the envelope so that it shows who to mail it to, but the return address is hidden underneath on the green card. Until they sign for it, they can't see who it is from. Lastly, I put "payment" on the outside of the envelope...there is no law that says you can't use deceptive tactics to make them accept the letter, but there are laws saying they can't use deceptive tactics. :-)

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