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New here and a public record question...


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Hey all...I am loving this board. Thanks so much for all of the valuable information!! :)

I have a "paid lien" on my report that I feel is not valid. Here's what happened...I own my own small business and when I first started, there was a period of time that I didn't owe any sales tax. I forgot to file a zero return (stupid mistake on my part), so they estimated the amount and sent me a bill (and filed a lien) for $1777!! grrrrr After receiving the notice of the lien, I called them and filed the correct papers. Instead of taking the lien off, they marked it as paid...even though I never owed OR paid the money. Who should I contact to get this taken care of...I have a feeling this one is going to be a BIG pain. *sigh*

But on to the good news...I got copies of 2 of my CRs yesterday and my BK is gone!! WOO HOO!! It's only been 8 years, so I was thinking I'd have to wait another 2 before they'd drop off. I can't wait to get the other report...probably 2 or 3 more days...to see if that one is clear, too. Then, it's on to my hubby's reports to see what his say.

Thanks for listening!


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