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Judgment in NY/Restraining Order


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I have a Judgment against me from Beneficial.(New YorK) Thet sent the debt to 3 collectors and ended up at a law firm in Rochester. The law firm serverd me with a summons, I answered it and filed a motion for Summary Judgment.

I went to court on August 6th, 2004. Pleaded my case ect. The Judge said he would make a decision at a later date and I would get the answer in the mail. I recieved the answer and he ruled for the plaintiff. It was a Decision and Order dated October 13, 2004. I did not hear anything else til my bank accounts were frozen and found out that a restraining order had been issued. I went to the court house to find out that a Judgment had been filed also. Dated January 14, 2005. My bank account was frozen on February 1, 2005.

In the judgment it states that I did not show up to court and I did.

Can this be grounds to vacate a judgment?

Also isn't there suppose to be a hearing to disclose assets before a judgment is awarded?

Can anyone help me and explain the process once a summons has been issued?

Any suggestions on how I can vacate this judgment? Any help would be appreciated. I think I am judgment proof as I am self employed and have no assets except a house that has no equity in it.


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