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Experian strikes again...

A little history. Last august I dispute an old med bill from '99 on trans union as "not mine." About 3 days later I get a message to call Lucy Lowlife at Suck U Dry collections. Of course I don't return the call. About 2 weeks later I receive a letter from them. It was the bill; a half decade old bill mind you, with a notation at the top reading "JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER." On a half decade old bill!!! From a CA!!! Towards the bottom it read "please pay the above amount as promised." Whatever... I could not help but smile, as I knew I had them. Anyway, a couple

weeks later I receive an updated report from TU...deleted.

Fast forward a couple months. I decide to dispute it with Experian. Lo and behold it comes back verified with a notation to contact credit grantor. I pull out my old tu and the letter from the ca and notice the account number on their letter doesn't match the credit reports. Should I re-dispute now and send a copy of the bill/letter, highlighting the mismatched number, DEMANDING deletion? I believe the acct. number is a key factor in validating it. I don't want to push the ca with dv; sol isn't quite up yet. Furthermore Exp is reversing the dates. They have it listed as opened in 2000 and reporting since 1999. This is inaccurate reporting. I want to approach this properly as this is my final ca on Experian. It's not hurting my score much but I want it off. However I don't want it to backfire. Any suggestions?

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