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Extremely bizarre - Anyone ever seen anything this strange?


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OK first of all this is my first post on these forums, I've combed and read the forums for months.

And like some or most of us here, I had a crapola credit rating when I started my mission to clean up my credit. A little bit of what finally brought things to a head is this;

Last summer when we laid $80K down on a home selling for only $115K and we were not able to get a loan that basically put it in a very clear perspective that we were not going to get any place fast in this world letting our credit reports sit on the back burner of our priorities.

Thus the credit mission began, my mother told me about a class that is offered at a local bureau, I told her that I could probably teach that class now I've learned so much, I have successfully accomplished approx. 19 total deletions from the 3 bureaus. It amazes me how we had paid bills and they some how went to collections, this collection thing almost seems like a scam or legalized burglary sometimes.

I've raised my scores and rating from mid 500 to 700+ with an average FICO of 680 and that’s on the rise, however this one thing haunts me, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar or has any suggestion.

When I pulled my very first 3-in-1 from truecredit (which by the way I am not impressed with them at all, and they have some nasty reports at ripoffreport.com - if anyone wants to know why I think they're junk I can post my opinion here) it showed a judgment item from the Cali Employment Development Department, on Experian -

Now Check this out, I went to the TransUnion online dispute, not knowing how to read a 3-in-1 and disputed the item which TransUnion did not even have on file.

Get this- they added the item to my report, because I disputed it myself, sheesh no wonder TransUnion has been sued so much. How can I report myself? I'm not a reporting bureau and this was clearly an honest mistake, so I called them on it and sent certified return receipt letters to TransUnion and the FTC with copies of the original report that I now know how to read, which showed no public record of judgment with TransUnion and the item with Experian, and a more recent 3-in-1 which shows that TransUnion added it, and they did that after I accidentally disputed it with them. This is just too bizarre, I received a generic cookie cutter response letter from them stating how the FTC allows, blah, blah, etc. so they ignored the fact that someone goofed and added an item because of my mistake in disputing it and bringing it to their attention. I'm waiting for a response from the FTC and I will write them again with very specific request and demand to address the issue.

Anyone else ever seen anything like this?

Anyone have any suggestions?

This particular item is the last thing on my now only Experian and TransUnion reports, I made the same mistake with Equifax and they were professional and competent enough not to ad the item that they did not possess.

The funny thing is I filled out the forms to have the judgment vacated and the retards at the court house took the paperwork from my wife and said call in a week, a week goes by, and we call, they said oh these things take a few weeks sometimes, call back, turns out the tards didn't even do anything with the forms and lost them, no joke, absolutely true and correct. I have an abstract of judgment which is notarized showing judgment paid in full and satisfied. We included a copy of that to the invalids at the court house (poor incompetent fools) look what we consumers are in care of...

So I wonder this, the 2 Bureaus that have the record show it as paid, but I want the fawker off my reports because its a public record, Transpukion shouldn't even have it, the only reason they know about it is because of their online dispute process which will allow you to input anything (that in its self should be illegal) lets all go around an input garbage accounts and poison other peoples credit with phantom debts that don't even exist... NOT!

So more specifically is the abstract of satisfied judgment something I should risk (now I’m obviously moving more cautiously with good reason - look what happened once over an accident on my part, TransUnion screwed the pooch big-time and will likely just sluff it off short of being in court) sending to Experian and TransUnion, is this the form that gets it removed? because we all know that judgments can be vacated or set aside especially if defective (which this one clearly is I was never even served period, didn't even know of the court date) I also pulled the file and the correct forms were not in the file how they got the county to file it is very interesting because they didn't do it properly. Maybe because they are a government agency who knows.

I know one thing this whole situation seriously bothers me and I feel better having talked about it here on this forum, if anyone has any useful suggestions they would be much appreciated.

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Congrats on your 'victory' and thank you for sharing your story!

Yes, it is common because, well, just look at my siggie below... the latest urban legend I heard was that the reps are under a "quota" system and will often take shortcuts just to meet the 'requirement'. This would certainly explain a lot of things going on with the CRA's.

The response from TU should have been "this item is not reporting", since it wasn't. There was no way for them to get the information to even contact the creditor based on your information, and nobody was certainly going to take the time to look it up in order to complete a proper investigation.

You're on the right track by demanding they remove the entry.

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Thx DD I really appreciate the response and input,

I think thats a good point with alot of merrit, so they get their hands on something thats questionable even if mistakenly submitted during a dispute process by a consumer and they ad it because it helps to raise the quota. They also illegally added the item (which they had no true or legal record or possession of) so they would of course contend as though they have done nothing in violation.

I have had much success through my letter writing compaign, talking with people on the phone and expecting them to follow through is about as worthless as expecting my infant and adolesent children to go out and work for a living to support our family.

So I actually sent my first letter as a request, I think they deserve a good demand letter, before any intent to file suit letters.

I may actually go as far as to trace the source of the reporting (which could take alot of foot work - but it can be done) through the Cali EDD and see who they reported to, or who they report to. And seriously nail TransUnion - maybe they set themselves up by accepting my blunder and not having checks and balances in place or maybe its a quota thing, in any case one way or another I would wager that this judgment scheduled to be on record til 2010 is removed long before that. I'm on a serious mission as i'm encouraged to see so many others here are.

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