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judgement release


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I had a judgment for a car that was repossed in 2000. I just recently paid it off, and the bank states they will release the judgement or whatever.

My question is, I have never seen any indication of a judgement on my CR. It's supposed to be under "public records" right?

If I never saw it in the first place, how do I know it's satisfied, and not affecting me as I apply for a home loan?

Also, how much is that "judgement" affecting my FICA score at this time?


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you should look at this post seriously


if its not listed in the public records section of your credit reports then your all good, because this is where it would clearly show up.

Be careful not to bring it to the attention of TransUnion they may decide to ad it even if it were illegal for them to do so...

Its very possible that the Judgment was never reported to any of the 3 big dogs (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) some creditors or agencies seemed to have missed the train and that's a good thing for you, I've even heard that people have had 7 or 10 year satisfactory car loans which should have produced a positive payment history but the lending agency can't afford to or doesn't want to keep up with current standards and simply does not report to the big dogs. In that case I would raise a stink, but in yours leave the judgment alone if its satisfied and not being reported.

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