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Equifax verifying incorrect info


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I have two seperate Providian acct listing me as an AU. I spoke to someone at Equifax . They gave me a fax number and I faxed them a letter for both accts that said Providian had removed me as an AU. The Equifax rep said it would be deleted.

Ten days later I get an Equifax letter saying they verified as mine.

I can't believe that anyone can be that incompetant.

I guess I just made some money

I will send off my ITS letter and wait for response.

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Since the original post I spoke to a supervisor at Equifax and she stated that even though they were in receipt of the two letters from Providian stating that I was taken off the accounts that Providian did not tell them to remove the TL and by reason of their contract with them Equifax would not remove them.I said that you have the Providian letters that say I am not on the accounts but you won't remove the TL unless Providian expressly tells them to.

I would love any and all suggestions.

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I called Providian.Trying to get the reps there to understand anything is almost impossible.

Maybe you can answer this

1-How can Providian send a letter stating that I am not on the account and then report anything to the contrary.

Either Iam on the account or I'm not

If I am not on the account, How can they not tell Equifax to remove me.

I suspect Equifax did nothing and unfortunately talking to someone on the phone at Providian is a waste of time.

So the question is what is the best way for me to proceed.

I know I broke the cardinal rule, don't speak to anyone on the phone and it seems the rule of thumb held up. Talking on the phone is a total waste of time.

Suggestions for the next steps would be appreciated.

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