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GW letter best by mail or email?


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Hey Turk-

I am dealing with GW letters right now. I send mine email because it generates a faster response.

What I did was use the customer service email address to start. People have been telling me that this will be ineffective since they are just paper pushers and don't have authority to make changes.

I then looked for the names of the executives at this particular company on their website. Then I used the email extension from the customer service department and different configurations of the executives names. I finally hit on a high level executive and he has been corresponding with me.

I also let the customer service people know I am speaking to their bosses. I am thinking perhaps the CS Manager may have the ability to expedite this.

At this point the exec is going to render his decision to me by tomorrow.

One more thing. I kissed the company's a$$, but not toooooo much. I also made sure my account is completely up to date and has been for the past several months.

This approach just seemed to me to be potentially more effective than just sending a random letter to a company.

I really hope this helps.


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Write a personal heart felt letter.. people are decensitized to email.. this is important stuff dog.. write a real freaking letter ON REAL PAPER, and hand sign it.. it makes you seem like more of a real person increases the propensity for some one feel pity for you. this is about pity, no one has to respond to the request of GW letter... email GW's are like sending your mom an e card for mothers day...

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