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8 down and 2 to go


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This has been fun over the past year cleaning up my credit report. I started out with 10 negatives on the report. Got news that one more went away yesterday. Midland Credit Management finally folded on their second account they had with me. They were being difficult for a while and verifying with the CRAs.

Just got word back today that Asset Acceptance Verified the account with all 3 CRAs. So today went off my DV letter to them. I would like to see how they deal with it, after all that I have heard from everyone else on this board about them.

It is fun to turn the tables on the CAs. Make them jump through the hoops. 8-)

I got time to play with Asset for a little bit as my last account (AMEX) hits the SOL on 4/9/2005. Then I will be getting them removed too, hopefully. Can't wait to refinance my house, and car loan. It will be nice to have perfect credit again, and it has been a long time coming.

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Congrats! Give em hell!

What were your scores when you started and where are you now?

I am telling u man, this is VERY addicting. It is a good replacement (and far more important) for Fantasy Football.

I just began the process in January and have had 2 of 6 negs removed so far. Just negotiated an $88 pay for delete on a 3rd, DV'd Asset Acceptance and now have them on violations, DV'd the 4th and have them on violations and the 5th, Verizon Wireless is gonna be the toughest!

Next, in negotiations with AmeriCredit for goodwill-dealing with an exec. Hopeful.

Also got EQ & EXP to delete my hard inquiries, and TU is in process. My Fico's were in the low 500's when I started and now are at 574,549 & 573.

Last-paying everything on time!!!! That's why my scores are going up.

Best of luck!


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