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PG vs. FICO scores Info


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I posted the following earlier today:

just pulled my FICO last week and scores were TU 653, EQ 659, EX 671 with 2 negs, 1 neg, 1 neg respectively.

At this same time my PG scores were TU 608, EQ 616, EX 620. Since then 1 negative has been deleted from each CRA (a CO from Cap1).

My PG is now TU 641 (1 neg-utility), EQ 717 (0 neg), EX 746 (0 neg).

FYI on 12/30/04 my PG scores were TU 591, EQ 616, EX 585.

The follow up:

My FICO scores as of today are TU 715, EQ 705, EX 734.


PG scores are truly NOT DEPENDABLE

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If you do a search for PG scores or FAKO scores... you will discover that is the common opinion. PG is not accurate, it should only be used for monioring purposes. Do not rely upon the scores for anything other than watching the scores change. myfico.com is the best indicator you can get for your scores.

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