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somthing VERY Illegal/wrong with the letter I received today


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OK.. My report has been clear for about a month. Nothing on it according to all the credit reports I pulled. I mean no lates, no collections, no charge offs, nothing..... (I made sure before I ever applied for credit..)

I applied for a cell phone with sprint and received it with no security deposit. To day I received the following letter:

Dear Person (my name)

Thank you for your recent app for wireless services from sprint pcs. We are pleased to offer you our wireless services under our Clear Pay Program..... you are already receiving our services and do not need to take further action. However, please note your rights, which are described below, regarding your credit report.



The agencies used is listed as:




OK 2 concerns:

1- Is there something that the Credit agencies are sending in addition to the report that we see. I ask this because I saw a report given to a lender that I applied with. They had no Idea that I saw it. Not only did it include what was on my report that I see when I pull it, but I could have sworn that there was other information of things that should not have been there (thing that were incorrect and had been "deleted").

As the case here, I do not have a charge off or write off from a cellular company. Not only that, but I recently had an incorrect one removed and have the deletion letter. It's been gone and was gone well before I applied for service from sprint. Again, I pulled my report.

2- Who in the blue blazzzzes is RISKWISE LLC. If they are collecting information on me, I WANT to know what it is and should have that right. Here is a link for you all....http://www.lexisnexis.com/riskwise/AirWaves/

3- WHY is this ( EXPERIAN FRAUD PREVENTION SOLUTIONS) being pulled. I have not signed up for this, and have not asked for them to check my report for fraud.?????

I'm about to contact riskwise now...

Any information or help on what to do about this???

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Just got off the phone with them and requested a copy of the information from them. It should be here within 10 days. If not, I'll have to call back.

So, They are keeping a record of some sort.

On the otther part Doc, what do you know about the "hiden" info that creditors receive on us. I know what I saw....

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I know that we're being scammed.

We're being told that companies that hold sensitive information on us that are being used to credit decisions are getting away with not following the FCRA with our government's blessings... (LexisNexus, ChoicePoint)

I know that the CRA's maintain a database of EVERY bit of information that was ever put into your files - even after they are deleted.

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It only makes sense. The FCRA is very anti-business. We can't have that. The only thing that matters is "our economy" (ie: business before people).

There should have been triggers that cloaked that information from getting out (again, the FCRA states the CRA's must have a system in place to ensure deleted information is surpressed).

Again, LexisNexus does not have to play by the rules - therefore it only makes sense that they have access to information that should not be made "public".

This is why I suggested filing formal complaints - it is obvious that LexisNexus is forwarding information about consumers that is used to determine credit risk - that is a CRA. Doesn't matter what their legal team thinks - they get paid to defend the company they work for.

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