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Palisades Collection LLC

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I wanted to ask of your opinion/recommendation. I was at step 6 of the Debt validation Stratigy and i got a response. They send me a "print out" of what they had and advised me in the letter that they have orderded the information and it could take upto 90days. ??

Correctly if i am wrong, didn't they already have 30days to respond to my 1st letter...and now i get a letter almost 2mths later? Do they have any recorse ? Do i have them on a violation already??

I am also checking to see if they are licensed to collect in my state..(they may be under a parent company) ... Furthermore, my name in the letter is spelled incorrectly however they seemed to have my ss# correct (not that I am acknowleding this debt) charge off appears to be back in 00.

Thanks for your valuable response!


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