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My conversation with TU today

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Hello. can I have your social,

sure can I have your name and team, or employee number?



sir my name is karen,

OK Karen do you have any other identifying information?

sir Karen is good enough,

I know but i'm sure there are more than one Karen who work at TransUnion its a big company.

sir, no theres not,

Well its my personal policy to keep good notes and records of everyone I speak with regarding my credit.

we don't give out our last names,

excuse me?

we cannot give more information than blah, blah, etc.

i'm having a hard time I can't hear you

meanwhile she babbles some more

we have a bad connection i'm hanging up


2-more calls to them and more of the same, I just side step them pretending I can't hear them when they go brain dead like they often do and hand up on them as if we're having a bad connection :shock:

what a waste of time, i've had some luck with their online disputes but they're just plain dead beats over the phone, if you can even understand them with their hindu accents.....filthy little animals

I think someone should organize a class action against T.U. personally, I may be the one someday. I hope someone gets a good laugh out of this. I sometimes can't stop laughing when I read these boards.

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Yeah...I'm preparing to layeth some smacketh down upon the TU villains myself for reinserting a deleted tradeline (ID theft) without notification a year and a half after it was deleted...

I'm done playing nice with TU. Somehow disputing the reinserted trade also resulted in a 21 point loss on my FICO for that CRA as well.. Interresting eh?

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