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I have Cavalry.....but should I wait?

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I am done playing footsies with them over a $500 debt that is not even mine.

I have DVed Cavalry twice with no response, they have verified to the CRAs repeatedly. Then tonight, well at the law library reviewing case law on another matter I found a case right on point that drew my attention. Under Washington law when a CA reports to the CRAs; they must immeadiately inform the CRAs of any Dispute they receive. That is good for another $2,000 per violation. The best part is this case was tried in my county district court and went to the State appleals court where it was affirmed.

After the law library I was headed home to start on a complaint, then realized maybe I should wait. After my second DV they sent this to Oxford Management. I would like to hear opinions on whether I should let the DV process run with Oxford and haul both of them into court together as co-conspiritors or just plan on hauling Oxford in seperatly (they have already verified once)

This drops off my report in only a few months, but due to the way they have acted I want to make them feel pain. As one member of AoC says, I have taken up the Anceint Western Form of Self Defense - "I Sue".

EDIT: When I say "co-conspiritors" I do not mean in a legal sense, just shared pain.

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Yeah sue them.

You wont get anywhere with them anyway.

I would draft the complaint and send them a copy to their legal department in New York.

Here is one of their goonies.

I have NO IDEA Where I got this information and neither do you ((HINT HINT))

Christian K. Parker, Esq.

General Counsel

Cavalry Portfolio Services LLP

7 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532

914-347-3440 ext. 1498

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