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Providian accounts not mine

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Two Providian accounts appear on my EX and TU reports.

I've never had any accounts with Providian.

I called Providian and using my SS#, they were unable to find me anywhere in their system (duh). I gave them the Providian acct# listed on my reports but they told me nothing, just asked for my SS.

They told me to fax the page of my report showing the accounts to their office.

At least both accounts were in perfect standing, and also paid off a few years ago. Thank God. I'd be in orbit if they were bad accounts. The last thing I need OR want is someone else's crappy payment history to add to the misery of my pathetic credit report.

But, still.... I don't want someone else's stuff on my reports. It bothers me that it happened. I've never had an erroneous account on my reports. Unfortunately (ha!), all the information has been accurate. I wish some of my nightmare accounts WERE mistakes, but sadly, I really DO own the charge-offs, late payments, and the judgment. That's my signature.. The credit bureaus didn't do it.


Has this ever happened to any of you? Mystery Providian accounts?

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