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calvary left a message for me on the answering machine...


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They are trying to collect on a BofA charge off that is way past the SOL. The loan was in Arkansas and the DOLA was around 1995, if not before that.

I take it that Calvary is a JDB? I called the number back that they left and thats when i found out why they were calling. they transferred me to the compliance department, but i hung up before anyone got to my call.

should i DV them even though i havent received anything but a message to call?

one concern is that i was just prequalified for a mortgage and i dont want this to hit my report before i close. i suppose that is they could report it even though its past SOL, not legally i know, but they could still report it anyway?



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They will report it to your reports so you need to act ahead of them.

Fax their compliance department, threaten suit and send them copies of papers from the court. You dont have to file it.. just show them you are serious.

They usually will go away but sometimes they wont.

Hope that helps

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