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PG Signup question

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I just called privacy guard and told them that I wanted to sign up for thier enhanced service for 1$ for 3 months and 119.99 year after that. They took some of my informations name/address/credit card #/phone/email address but did not ask for things like SSN.

They then told me that I would recieve a sign up package in 10-15 days through US mail.

I did not get a User name or Password

is this how they normally work, I am not used to signing up for web based service and not getting username/password etc.

the number I called was 1-877-202-8828. Just curious if this is standard operating proceedure for them.

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oh, I am not complaining about the pricing, I had the option for 3 bureaus w/ 1 score daily and weekly or monthly credit monitoring for $89 or 3 bureaus w/ all 3 scores, daily credit monitoring, $10K in ID theft insurance, and a few other things for $119. so I opted for the latter.

But my question is about them mailing a signup package to me, rather than just giving me a username and password to use the site. Not used to signing up for something and having to wait to use a web based service.

Unless I am wrong and they actually send you software, but I figured that it was just web based.

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I know what you're asking. I just ordered a few days ago and couldn't log on, either. I called them and they gave me my membership number. With that number, you sign up for an online account. Once you get logged on, click "view your reports." There will be an option on the left side that says "3B Credit Report w/ 3B Score & What If." Click that, then fill out all the information. You do not need to fill out the credit card info if you don't want any of the "extras." That should get you where you want to be.

HTH and I hope your scores are high!!

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