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Wells Fargo error being reported...!


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I just received a copy of my Equifax report which has the status of one of my past loans really wrong!

I mean really wrong.

According to Equifax, the current status is: "Reposession."

Under "Comments" it says: Account closed at consumers request,

Paid repossession.

Ummm... sorry. I paid off this loan in 1999! Funny thing is, the report says Wells Fargo has me late in the payment I was supposed to make in Jan. 2005.

I took the credit report to Wells Fargo (I happen to know the local president really well). She laughed, knowing I'm a good customer and promised to have it changed. (In fact, I've done reposessions for the company in the past and wondered why I wasn't called in to repo my own car!)

But come on, this is Wells Fargo we're talking about here. They always drop the ball.

I have disputed the report to Equifax. I figure it will be "updated" in a few weeks -- and likely showing it's a paid repossession. It's not like they're going to investigate it...

So then what? At what point can I demand money from the CRA claiming they've broken the law by failing to properly investigate and knowingly providing false information?

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Just got my latest credit report today and EQ is STILL reporting this information wrong after more than FOUR MONTHS!

This car was not reposessed! I'm still driving it!

I called to dispute with EQ two weeks ago... they say it's being reported accurately after their investigation...

What next? I have the title and lein release in my hand.

I'm not above suing...

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Yep...agreed with the MOV.

In the time you're waiting for the MOV response, You could try calling WF customer service and ask to speak to a supervisor about the matter. If you can get documents proving on time payments and no repossesion took place, you would have the evidence you need to back up an ITS to the CRA should they provide a verifiable MOV.

Have you followed up with your bank contact to check on the status?

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Guest jeeptravel

Many times these things are just one department not getting a fwd to remove yadda yadda. Happened to me with a CU. I wrote an ITS ltr with a 20 day deadline and got a call in 4 days apologizing and that it was taken care of.

You could even try calling be4 you do the ITS.


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