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ok i need some help with EQ


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I really dont know what i can do about this but hopefully i can do something. My EQ report reads as follows:

account number xxxxxxxxxxx

date opened 03/2001

high credit $3,437

credit limit $3,500

activity description closed

items as of date repoted 01/2005

balance amount $6,701

amount past due $6,587

date of last payment 08/2004

scheduled payment amount $108

date of last activity 09/2001

current status charge off

type of account revolving

type of loan credit card

whose account individual account

I had a judgement against me from a collection agency on this account judgement amount was 3995.00 i just finished paying the judgement off and got it satified. i didnt make a payment to the bank since 09/2001 how could they get a payment made on 08/2004?


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