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Duplicate TL... one better than the other!

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DH has a student loan reported twice on two credit reports- not reported at all on EX...


High Credit: $2,625, $2,625

Date Opened: 09/1997, 09/1997

Date Reported: 12/2004, 11/2002

Pays 61-90 Days, Pays as agreed

Transferred/Sold, Transferred/Sold

Both have the exact same payment history chart.(Despite the pays as agreed/ 61-90 days late discrepancy.)


High Balance: $2,625, $4,000

Date Opened: 09/1997 , 09/1997

Date Updated: 01/2002, 01/2002

Pays as Agreed, Pays as Agreed

Max. Delinquency:120+ days in 11/1999 for $136,120+ days in 11/1999 for $224

Again, both have the exact same payment history chart.

So here are my questions. :roll:

Re: EQ- Obviously a duplicate... since they have the same payment history- does it matter which one I get deleted? Should I then dispute as never late as well?

Re: TU- I'm pretty sure they're duplicates... DH only had one loan. Which one would be the better of the two to get rid of? (Assuming I can convince TU... I have NO documentation of either of these... they're from DH's bachelor days!)

As always... any insight is greatly appreciated!!!

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