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Two bad debts turned into six bad reports


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Well, I think I made some headway finally. I backtracked every single account on DH's CR's. Providian went to The Credit store and then to Plains Commerce. I spoke to PC last week and they said they owned the account, send proof of settlement and they would correct. Today, however, they said they didn't own the account. I explained that I don't even care at this point because whether they still own the account or not, they are reporting inaccurate information to all three CRA's. I sat on hold for a few then she got back on the phone and apologized. She *said* the information being reported was being corrected as we spoke. She was pretty polite after she put me on hold. I didn't have much leverage to get it deleted but at least the bank will see there is no longer an outstanding debt.

Here's the other issue. While backtracking all his accounts I found two CC being reported multiple times. Plains Commerce account is also listed under Providian and The Credit Store. Three listings with all three CRA's for the same account. There is another CC reported the same way. They change the account numbers but they are all for the same debt so instead of being penalized for two bad debts, it looks like three bad debts for three different creditors for a grand total of six bad listings for two bad accounts. Is this legal?

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