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have a question help?!?


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I need some advice on how to go about something.

i have 2 collection accounts on my credit report that i knew nothing about . it is a bounced check and i am assuming it is from my ex husband , since we were seperated but still married during the time period.

new hubby and i are trying to buy a house, and we pulled my credit reoprt and found this info after being initially denied by hubbys first choice in company, becuase of this collections.

I need to fix these and fast even though they are not mine.( i sent validation letters on 2/8/04 havent heard back from them yet, but it is getting close to when we need to reapply for the loan.

... anyways my question is... would it be advisable to call them up and ask them settle with an agreement to delete from my credit report?

and if so how do i go about thay? (sorry i am new to this stuff and im not the one that usually handles he money stuff)

thanks in advance


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I'm a newb, so I won't offer any hard advice, but I will say this.

You can talk to anybody till your blue in the face, but never expect anything they say to be reality without having it writing.

This of course is in regards to you "asking" for a pay for delete.

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well i have since called one of the credit agency. on my credit report it states that the total owed is 329, original total was 239.00. When i asked about the pay off i was told it was over $500.... NO way was i paying that for a check that wasn't even mine. i was told that there were several outhers in the accoutn but they had been written after ex and i were divorced so they rae not on my credit report. she told me that they had tried to contact me several times through somebody in a town, that i had never even heard of.

anyways this is in Washington state. the check was 4/1999. Is my Sol almost up? I would have paid the origianl cost just to get it off, but no way was i paying for a check my ex husband bounced .

thanks for any help.

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