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Is this a legitimate validation?


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I am confused (again)

I sent a DV letter to a CA.

They sent me back a copy of the agreement that bears my signature wherein I agreed to pay the OC.

Nothing else was sent.

I have read through the FCRA and could not find anything requesting the CA to give the "agreement with thei client that grants them the authority to collect on this alleged debt.

Is the debt verified or not?

Settling seems to me the best way to handle this situation if I can get them to delete the mark to the CR.

This is a medical bill. Is is advisable for me to deal with the OC? They are probably going to tell me that it is too late for them to handle the situation because they have given the account to the CA.

What do you think.

My head is about to explode. All these regulations are really hard to read and comprehend. Especially for me as English is my second language.


Thank you thank you!!!!!

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Thanks Endu and anti-something for your time.

What is HIPPA? I tired a search but and an enourmous amount of threads came up.....

Experian only says that I have an account with the CA, no OC mentioned

Same withTU.

I am looking for a letter that I can use to the OC.\

Thanks again

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