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I feel raped and violated


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I'll make this short...

--My husband and I applied for a mortgage.

--My husbands credit is AAAAA+++++++

--Collection account popped up on MY credit report that I didn't know about (x-husband long time ago stopped paying on something that was still in my name).

--Mortgage Co. said no mortgage unless you pay this debt.

--Sent letter for CA to verify the account

--No response

--Mortgage Co. still says no mortgage unless you pay this debt.

--Couldn't wait, faxed offer to pay original amount if they wiped it off my credit reports. Due date TODAY.

--Went home for lunch and mailman came...NO RESPONSE.

Have ALWAYS had excellent credit...score usually 790. This is the only thing that has ever happened bad.

The Mortgage Company is asking me to RUIN my own credit by paying this!!

They don't care that I've had the same job for many years,

or that I've lived in the same house for many years,

or that I pay ALL my bills before due dates,

or that I always pay MORE than my minimums, or that I'M NOT IN DEBT AT ALL.



I'm so pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that the due date is almost gone (since the mail has already come, I feel the due date really has passed) what do I do now?????

They won't answer my letters or offers. I don't know what to do.

Can anyone suggest anything?



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I'm new, but I can answer this one! Write the CRAs and get it deleted. Two reasons: 1) Not yours and B) CA refuses to validate. That should do it. And as long as it is disputed, the mortgage company should leave you alone about it.

If you need help on how to do it, go the the debt validation portion of the site. They have great letters.


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"Due date" for what? I'm a little confused about this date you keep bringing up... the deadline for the mortgage?

Here's prolly what happened - the CA saw the mortgage inquiries - what a perfect time to put the collection on your report, knowing you can't get the mortgage until you pay them.

Why they won't validate is another issue. Sounds like they may be on a fishing expedition and can't validate.

Taking MDub's advice one step further, try calling the CRA's and explaining this CA refuses to validate the debt, or return basic correspondence knowing full well it is holding up the underwriting process. Request (firmly) that they delete it. If they "won't", politely hang up and call back.

If that doesn't work, pay the collection - get into your new home and move on. You can always dispute the negative entry or even dispute the payment at a later date. It's not at all uncommon for collections to be paid without admitting responsibility just to get the mortgage finalized.

Maybe you should bring this up to Charles (Firstsource) in the mortgage section, or PM him.

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Something similar happened to me as well. If you are having problems getting the OC or CA to respond, you can leave this one int he Title company's lap. Just make sure that there are funds at close to cover the debt and let the Title company deal with paying it. If the Title company finds that it can't be paid because the CA is out of business or whatever, the funds get returned to you.

I did this with an old debt where the CA was long out of business and it worked out.

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"Due date" for what? I'm a little confused about this date you keep bringing up... the deadline for the mortgage?...

I sent the CA a letter and form stating I would pay them if they deleted all entries of a collection account on the credit reports. I told them they must respond by March 2.

They have not responded.

THank you

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