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Advice on removing lates - have $ to pay off balances..


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Can anyone here give me some successful stories on getting late payments removed from reports. I was an avid member of this site a year or so ago and did AMAZING things with my credit score by following advice from these boards. My score is now EXCELLENT but I need to help my husband clean his up.

He has an account with Discover and MBNA both with SERIOUS late payments posting. We just refinanced and have $$$ to pay of these two accounts - one is for $4000 and the other for about $9000. I do not want to pay these in full unless I can get them to agree to delete all lates off his report. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to approach these creditors???

I would truly appreciate any advice you can send.

Thank you!!!

~ Heather

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Congrats and hello again! :lol:

I remember you and it's good to see your name again!

As you'll probably remeber there's allot to that question.

The two Banks mentioned are a real pain in the behind for late removals.

The CSR's will say it's against the law and seem to be a robot with stabdardly printed information to give you. Your best bet, is to negotiate a deletion if not the longest TL on his CR's.

I might be inclined to say try a GW letter at


to start things off to maybe get somewhere.

Than the normal dispute and validation than negotiate.

Unless you're in a hurry to close them but you never know how much you can save if you win with a GW or dispute.

Good Luck!


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Thanks edubb! That's great that you remember me ... I probably spent the span of about 2 years obsessed with this site. It totally paid off b/c I think I was in the low 600's when I started and now I'm in the high 700's. ;) At any rate - regarding your advice.... How do you suggest I approach GW letter? His lates have been dating back for a few years and even has some recent ones. Should I just ask for deletion in return for full payment or should I come up with some hardship excuse. Want to make sure I do the correct thing up front. Also should I agree to pay whole amount on both accounts or try to negotiate pay-off amount.

Never had the $$$ to negotiate like that so it seems like I am in the driver seat this time. Just don't want to screw it up!

Thanks so much for your help!

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With my recent experiences, with an open account, that is generally current, a good will letter just might work to the right department, but I have had some great success with one of my cards with a heart felt "close" to the truth story,(like edubb said) and remind them of how long you have been with their company etc.

I would actually try both at the same time, send a nice letter like today, then call in about a week, just remember, the letter needs to end up in someones hands that actually has the power to do so. And the same for the phone call, the Customer service rep cannot delete a file, a supervisor can. Good Luck.

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